En Bruges

When most people visit Belgium they tend to go to Antwerp and Brussels. Both are wonderful cities in their own right. However, if you have just one place to visit in Belgium it should be Bruges. This medieval city is a gem of medieval culture. During the middle ages Bruges was one of the most important city states in Europe and a shipping center. Now it is a wonderful restored city and frequently called the Venice of the North because of its network of canals.
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Bruges in Flanders Belgium

2 responses to “En Bruges

  1. One of the possible reasons why Bruges lacks popularity is due to lack of proper marketing by Belgium’s tourism department. Since this town has a unique culture, tourist can develop an interest in the attractions found in this town but this cannot happen without making more effort to market Bruges as an interesting travel destination.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I only know about Bruges because I worked for Agfa for 12 years and got to Belgium about three weeks a year. Bruges was a popular place to take trainees on incentive trips or over the weekend. I have been there with my family as well. I would love to see bruges advertised more in the USA as a travel destination. Americans don’t know what they are missing.

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