Touchdown Jesus

Currently on sports talk shows they are arguing why Notre Dame Football is not what it used to be. Don’t say that in South Bend however where Notre Dame Football is almost as big as the school itself. This is not necessarily a good thing, just ask people at Penn State. Don’t feel that Notre Dame is exempt because they are a Catholic School, Catholics themselves haven’t fared too well over the years when it comes to scandal. However, it is a beautiful campus with a beautiful stadium surrounded by statutes of football legends like Knute Rockne. Also, they are the only team that has a special statue of Jesus overlooking the stadium. This is a picture of the famous “Touchdown Jesus” although the fresco is really The Word of Life by Millard Sheets of the resurrected Jesus installed in 1964 on the Hesburgh Library. Check out my new gallery at Zazzle by clicking here



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