One Year in the Blogosphere

Today I celebrate my first anniversary as a blogger by revisiting my first post from a year ago. Since then I have published 340 posts in twelve categories with 1225 unique tags which have generated 89 comments and over 6000 “likes”. I have picked up 393 followers in 28 different countries not including Facebook friends who check the blog. I published this image first because it was the first image I published for sale on the internet and you can purchase a print as others have on my commercial site by clicking here.

This past year, Don Van Vilet passed on. In 1973 I took this picture from the stage wings right before I was thrown out. It was easier to get on the stage back then but I had no credentials and eventually someone ratted me out. The Band started to play and the Captain was standing next to me waiting for his entrance. I looked at him and he nodded at me and then went on stage and launched in to “Crazy Little Thing”. A magic moment with the magic band.

Zoothorn Rollo with Captain Beefheart an dHis Magic Band


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