Bokrijk In Belgium

In 1993 I cashed in a ton of frequent flyer miles and took my wife and daughter to Belgium and France, I worked for Agfa at the time and spent a lot of time in Antwerp. My colleagues were awesome and sent a car to Brussels Airport which took us to the best hotel in Antwerp. That night they took us out to dinner. At dinner I said that we planned to vista Bruges and Brussels but wanted to go someplace uniquely Belgium. They told us to go to the open air museum and arboretum in Bokrijk which was in the far eastern part of Belgium in the Limburg Province. It was one of the most memorable places I have ever visited,

You start your visit at a castle and wander the paths through Belgium History. Starting in a village with thatched huts and craftsman making chairs in the ancient style and progress through model farms and villages of the middle ages. Each village has various craft people recreating things from the period. As you walk the paths you come into a city setting that was recreated from buildings that were demolished in Brussels and Antwerp. Here you can see tinsmiths and iron workers and of course get lunch and a beer in a tavern. If you get bored with being edified you can walk through a beautiful arboretum or head back to the Castle for a fine lunch or dinner. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Bokrijk Open Air Museum in Belgium