Lacing up for Pari-Roller

It’s Friday night in Paris. Thousands will gather at Gare Montparnasse to skate through the city at night. This couple is lacing up and getting ready for a wild ride through the streets of Paris. . You can buy a T-Shirt or Poster of Par-Roller

Lacing Up for Pari-Roller

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Warm Up for Pari-Roller

The world’s largest skating event takes place every Friday night in Paris France, it is called Pari-Roller. Similar events occur in other european cities, but none as large as the Paris event. The skaters begin to gather at Gare Montparnasse around 9:30 and get the week’s skating route. At 10 P.M. close to 10,000 skaters have gathered and begin to skate through the city until 3 A.M. Some dress in costumes, some are part of teams and some just come to watch, like me. This young lady is warming up for the event. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.. You can watch a short video by clicking here.

Warm Up for Pari-Roller