End of Season

My season as a baseball spectator pretty much ended last night with the Pittsburgh Pirate’s loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. I have always loved Baseball even though at age 8 I was thoroughly humiliated in Little league when I took the field at 3rd base standing on the wrong side! I got better though and played Outfield and 1st base and occasional a relief catcher. My big moment came in hitting a three run home run over a fence just like this one.

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End of the Season

End of the Season

One for the Ladies

One of the ways you stay married for 42 years is to have open,honest and continuous conversations with your spouse. As a photographer I am lucky since my wife was and still is my best model and when shooting my wing woman. I love taking photojournalist and candid pictures of people and my wife is always pointing out the pretty woman and in turn I always alert her to the studly men. I took this one for her in a park in Milan Italy and want to share it with my female fans. You can see other images at my photojournalist gallery.

One for the Ladies

One for the Ladies

The High Heat!

How do you watch a baseball game? I watch the pitcher and try to follow the release to the hitter. I try to follow the pitcher’s motion and the ball. It is hard when the ball is traveling almost 100 miles per hour. As a result though, I have started to the analyze the pitchers form. Each one is different and you see different things if you stop motion and blur motion. Maybe there is a book in this? What did you learn for this picture? Let me know! You can buy a print of this image and see others on my commercial site by clicking here.

The High Heat

Pétanque at Champs de Mars

Throughout France you see people playing this game in parks and at the beach. Pétanque is like Bocce but does not require a special court and can really be played anywhere. The game originated in 1907 in La Ciotat, in Provence and is uniquely French as horseshoes is uniquely American. You can buy a print of these players at Champs de Mars near the Eiffel Tower at my commercial site by clicking here.

Pétanque Players at Champs de Mars