Mirror with a Canal View

A lot of tourists miss the canal area of Milan. There are a number of clubs in the area and it is close to some less desirable areas of the city. However, the canal is also lined with antique shops and charming cafes. You can see a more scenic view of the canal and the colorful buildings that line the area in an earlier post The Canals of Milano. You can buy a print of this image by clicking here.

Mirror with a Canal View

Horsing Around in Montreal

One of the best ways to see Montreal is to take a carriage ride. It is also the easiest way since Montreal is a city of hills and essentially built on a mountain. Each ride comes with unique point of view on the city offered by the driver of the carriage. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.

Horse and Driver in Montreal

Den Waag in Amsterdam

One of the most beautiful buildings we saw in Amsterdam was Den Waag (The Weigh House) which dates back to the old fortifications of the city. As we walked towards it we knew nothing about it. We thought it was a castle and maybe we could get a tour. Turns out it is now a cafe and quite a good one. Being hungry, we stopped for lunch and the food was as wonderful as the candlelit interior. See more of my photos of Europe by clicking here.

The cafe at Den Waag in Amsterdam

Waiting on a Train

If you have been following this blog, you may remember this model form a previous post entitled “All Aboard”. Here she is in another shot from the session in a 1970’s style coat. You can see more model photography and buy a print on my commercial site by clicking here.

Waiting on a Train

The Thunderbolt–Kennywood Park

Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh has been around for a long time and like any amusement park they periodically upgrade their rides. When I was a kid we had the Jackrabbit,Pippin and the Racing Coasters. In 1968 they remodeled the Pippin and turned the old wooden roller coaster into The Thunderbolt which we waited for with great anticipation. This image of riders on one of the drops was taken in 1976 and you can purchase a print at my commercial site by clicking here.

The Thunderbolt Kennywood Park

Larry Coryell

Larry Coryell is an amazing guitarist. We have been fortunate to see him a few times with other bands and as an acoustic solo artist. Here he is at the Stanley Theather in Pittsburgh in 1974 warming up the crowd for Stanley Clarke. You can see other concert images and buy a print of this one by clicking here.

Larry Coryell at the Stanley Theater 1974

Steelers Training Camp Opens Today!

Steeler nation will begin to shift their focus from Baseball to Football today as the Steelers Training Camp opens in Latrobe Pennsylvania today. I love spectator sports and this year has been a really fun season for me because the Pirates and White Sox are both doing so well. But quite honestly, basketball, hockey and baseball are all waiting around for Steelers Football to start. This shot of Brett “The Diesel” Keisel was taken at training camp in 2008. You can buy of this and see other training camp images by clicking here.

Brett “The Diesel” Keisel