Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time

In 1979 I went on one of my last photographic assignments for Pittsburgh Magzine. You can read all about it in Zombie Nights: My Two Nights with the Living Dead.
The behind the scenes images of this cult film have been well appreciated by fans of the movie, Dawn of The Dead. They are now about to get a broader audience. I have licensed some of the images to be used in the upcoming Showtime mini series, Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Times.

I have seen the teaser reel and it contains great interviews with Pam Grier, Jeff Bridges, Sean Young, Rob Zombie and hundreds of others. The episodes are finished and they are working of a distribution deal. This is one of the images they will use.

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Tom Savini



Americans have some dates burned in their memory. September 11 and December 7 are two notorious dates where Americans were attacked, killed and suffered extreme hardships. It is important as Americans to remember these dates and honor the fallen. However, as citizens of the world we MUST remember today as well because it is the 76th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Tonight were the first attacks on Jewish homes in Germany. At least 91 Jews were killed in the attacks, and a further 30,000 arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps. Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools were ransacked, over 1,000 synagogues were burned and Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged. Millions of others experienced death and torture by the lunatic Hitler. We must never forget and always honor this day. Things are much better in Europe now for Jewish people that have remained or returned over all these years. However, recently when visiting Italy I saw it was still necessary for soldiers to guard the synagogue in Milan and heavy fences kept out even curious tourists like myself.

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Synagogue in Milan Italy

Zombie Week Day 7—George Romero

I’ll end Zombie week as I started with an image of the master, George Romero. This was one of the two images used by Pittsburgh Magazine. . The 40th Anniversary celebration of Dawn of The Dead ends today at Monroeville Mall. I hope everyone had a glorious time.

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George Romero on the Set of Dawn of the Dead

Zombie Week Day 6—Tom Savini and Marty Schiff

This is one of my favorites from the two nights of shooting. A lot of the crew doubled as extras in the movie. Both of these guys had many roles and have continued working in the film industry to the present day. They are seen here dressed as bikers. The bikers had an important role in the plot development of the film.

I had to make a decision with this image. I decided to accentuate the reflections in the background which gives it a creepier feeling.

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Savini and Schiff

Zombie Week Day 5—Ken Foree and Gaylen Ross

I was under instructions to not bother the crew or actors on the set of Dawn of The Dead. I was there as a photojournalist but only for photography. I did no writing for Pittsburgh Magazine. . I did get to chat with the crew in the makeup room but didn’t talk to anyone during the shoot.

These are photos taken of two of the movies billed stars, Ken Foree and Gaylen Ross. Ken Foree remained an actor and has 109 Acting Credits on IMDB. Gaylen Ross was only an actress for three years but has since worked as a Director of Documentary Films.

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Ken Foree

Gaylen Ross

Zombie Week Day 4—Making The Zombies

The Mall closed at 9 P.M but people came earlier because it took a lot of time to make up Zombies and there were a lot of Zombies. Tom Zavini was the special effects director and in charge of the make up. Jeannie Jeffries, Clayton Hill assisted Zavini in the creations of the undead.

People played cards and chatted with each other while awaiting their turn for makeup. No phones, computers or tablets existed so people actually had to communicate. It was exciting and the room was buzzing.

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Waiting for Makeup

Zombie Master Tom Zavini

Zombie Getting Makeup

Zombie Week Day 3— David Emge and Mike Gornick

This was one of the two images used by Pittsburgh Magazine in their story about Dawn of The Dead, the other being a shot of George Romero, I believe they chose this image because it had one of the stars of the movie and the camera in the same shot. The technical part of film making was not as well understood back then and this 16mm Arriflex looked pathetically small compared to the 35mm cameras we were used to seeing.

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Mike Gornick