DreamMap Final 99 Cent Sale May 10-17

DreamMap is the first edition of a trilogy originally published in 2014. This will be the final sale of this first edition. We are moving closer to publishing the second in the DreamMap series, Worlds Apart. After the publication of Worlds Apart we will pull the first edition of DreamMap from sale and publish a second corrected edition on Amazon directly.

From May 10th through May 17 you can buy the Kindle first edition for just $0.99. Get your copy here.


Worlds Apart–Coming in 2017

Worlds Apart is the second book in the DreamMap series. While Jake stays in Ireland to help Stan find his missing niece, Rose takes on a mission that keeps the young newlyweds separated. Rose and Linda have there confidence tested and take on more than they can handle and danger threatens to keep Jake and his bride Worlds Apart!

DreamMap will be going on sale for just $.99 on Black Friday, visit my Amazon Author Page to get your copy .

To get your trade paperback copy visit Alibris for the best price..

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Worlds Apart - A DreamMap Novel

Worlds Apart
A DreamMap Novel

DreamMap Birthday Sale

Today is my birthday! To celebrate we will be offering DreamMap on sale! Starting on August 12th and ending on August 19th you can buy our exciting fantasy/mystery novel DreamMap at Amazon for just $.99 for the Kindle version. You can also purchase the trade paperback for just $10.53 and get the Kindle version for just $1.99 additional. So discover the other world romance of Jake and Rose and experience the thrilling ride through our world of the DreamMap.

To order your copy, click here!


Stop the World!

This is the cover image for my first book, “Stop the World!”. You can buy a print of this image by clicking here. You can buy the book on iTunes for just $3.99 by clicking here. . Or, if you have money to burn you can buy it in hardcover by clicking here. .

Stop the World!

A Hundred Places I Went To Before I Died

Well after a few weeks of work, my book has been approved and is now available on Createspace. It will be available on Amazon within 5-to seven days. It is only available as a trade softcover but instead of costing $40.95 on Blurb, it will only cost $24.99. This is a more reasonable price for a softcover book. Not only that, it has a new and better cover and some images have been deleted and new ones added so it is really a revised first edition. I am pretty excited about this, it is actually affordable and available through the largest bookseller on the planet! ISBN/EAN13: 1475261535 / 9781475261530. To get your copy, click here.

A Hundred I Went To Before I Died