Welcoming 2018

I try to keep my blog free of politics and full of pictures and personal observations. Last year I allowed myself to rant a little about the previous year with my New Years post. I was truly upset about fascism in The United States and still am. However I realized talk is cheap and contrary to the mission I set for this blog. I have over 2000 followers and they don’t visit to listen to me rant.

So this year I just offer you this amazingly sweet and delicious torte and wish you the best for a Healthy and Happy 2018! This was waiting for us in our hotel In Milan Italy when we arrived in 2009.

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Happy New Year

French Meatloaf

I have always liked Pâté. As a Jewish boy in Pittsburgh I discovered chopped liver which is really nothing more than liver Pâté but made with rendered chicken fat or schmaltz. In Europe I discovered terrine. People said it’s just another word for Pâté but no its not. Both are served cold or at room temperature but they are different.

Pâté is spreadable and usually spread on bread or crackers. Terrine is like cold meatloaf and can be eaten with a knife and fork. Both are usually served as appetizers but also found for lunch and as part of a dinner. It can be made from really anything and you can find vegetable terrines as well as meat varieties. One of my favorites.

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My Stupid Soup Rule

So for a long time I have held the position that soups and stews were only for the cold weather moments. I never had soup in the summer. The last time we were in Paris was the summer of 2009 and of course my wife, being smarter than me ordered the onion soup. All onion soup in France is French Onion Soup. I had a lovely shrimp and avocado dish but when I saw her Onion Soup I knew I had made a mistake.

Next time in France I will order the Onion Soup even if I am wearing shorts!

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Real Onion Soup

New Page:Moments and Souls

I am in the process of rebuilding my blog pages and have added a new page, Moment and Souls. The page has the images from my recent show with Dale Schmitt at The Percolate Gallery in Pittsburgh. It also has some outtakes, images that didn’t make the gallery show. Check it out.

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New Site Page

Pork Enchilada in Mole Sauce

There are many great restaurants in Cancún Mexico. However one stands out in my memory from my last visit and I can’t wait to return. Julia Mia not only has incredible food and service but they will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the restaurant in the heart of Cancún and return you safe and sound at the end of your feast.

This was a dish from one of The Prix Fixe menus. A fried pork enchilada in Mole sauce.

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Enchilada Mole at Julia Mia

Friday Night Fever

In 2009 while visiting Paris we attended Pari-Roller on Friday Night. Pari-Roller is the world’s largest skating event but similar events occur in other European cities. The skaters begin to gather at Gare Montparnasse around 9:30 and get the week’s skating route. At 10 P.M. close to 10,000 skaters have gathered and begin to skate through the city until 3 A.M. Some dress in costumes, some are part of teams and some just come to watch, like me.

This guy was such a good skater I made a T-Shirt out of him but it also works well as a poster. I am happy that the terrorist events in Paris have not forced an end to this tradition. Viva La France!

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Friday Night Fever

This Snow is On Me

Okay, yesterday I published Thinking of Mexico. Today we had our first snowfall in Pittsburgh and a little more than expected. So if you were stuck in traffic or fell on the ice…my bad. To make up for It I will share a winter picture from a few years ago. Hopefully, this will bring warmer weather?

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A Winter Oak

Thinking About Mexico

While most people are thinking about Christmas and New Year’s I’m not. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Being Jewish, Christmas is not such a big thing for me and going out on New Year’s is nuts in my opinion. My father used to call it “amateur night” and it was the one night a year he didn’t drink much.

Since retirement, this is the time of year we usually escape the cold. This year we are planning three weeks in Mexico. This is me in January and I can’t wait.

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At The Beach


Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight begins the “Festival of the Lights”. Christians mistakenly refer to it as the Jewish Christmas but it is actually not an extremely important holiday in Judaism. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the re dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt and the capture of Jerusalem by the Hebrews.

Here is wishing all have a wonderful Holiday Season regardless of faith!

Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam Holland