Pork Enchilada in Mole Sauce

There are many great restaurants in Cancún Mexico. However one stands out in my memory from my last visit and I can’t wait to return. Julia Mia not only has incredible food and service but they will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the restaurant in the heart of Cancún and return you safe and sound at the end of your feast.

This was a dish from one of The Prix Fixe menus. A fried pork enchilada in Mole sauce.

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Enchilada Mole at Julia Mia

Dessert at Julia Mia

Earlier this year I wrote about having dinner at Julia Mia Cancún which is an upscale authentic restaurant loved by locals. In the article I mentioned dessert but recently found this image of the table-side preparation. Can’t wait to revisit this place when we travel to Mexico next year.

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Dessert at Julia Mia

Julia Mia Cancún

Some friends of mine are visiting Cancún and I was excited to recommend a restaurant to them. I then realized that I have never written about this experience and it is truly one of the best places I have ever dined. Cancún has many great restaurants. Restaurante La Habichuela has wonderful and authentic Mexican cuisine. Trattoria Limoncello is a wonderful Italian restaurant overlooking the bay with great sunset views.

I asked our hotel concierge where to get the best authentic regional cuisine and he said you have to go downtown where the locals dine. He arranged for a free ride to and from the restaurant which is great because it is easy to get lost in downtown Cancún and hard to find parking. I believe we were the only Americans in the place but it didn’t matter. Everyone spoke flawless English. The facility was beautiful and elegant. Our waiter suggested we try either the meat or seafood sampling menu which featured seven signature dishes from the restaurant. This was the way to go because the menu was large and each dish sounded better than the next.

From the special cocktail made from mescal and papaya. Next they presented an edible version of the menu and then one amazing dish after another. The service was friendly and evenly paced from the first dish to the table side cherries jubilee at the end. The total cost was about $65 per person plus tip and after two hours of dining we were happy and enjoyed our chauffeured ride back to our beach hotel.

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