Get Well

Last week my lovely bride of 41 years took a fall and got a fracture in her shoulder. She is in a sling for four to six weeks and it is a royal pain in the ass for her and a little for me. Anyhow. my daughter lives in Chicago with her great boyfriend and his parents sent my wife these flowers. They are good people, we have dined with them and visited their house and really like the whole family, but hell even I didn’t get my wife flowers! The assortment was so nice (good job local florist) I just had to share it. You can see other images from my nature collection by clicking here.

Get Well

Blast from the Past

I was looking through old concert images to see if I there were still some undiscovered gems and I came across this one. Not at all a good photo but as I looked at it I thought how different arena shows are today. This is at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in 1973. Anybody could just walk up on stage and at this show and someone did during the set break. He went to the microphone and spoke real acid gibberish as security gently escorted him away. Today the stage would be much higher and barricaded and have a line of security people in front of the stage. This is why I like to go to small venues today and tend to avoid arena shows. You can see other images and my quality concert prints at my commercial site by clicking here.

Grateful Dead at Pittsburgh Civic Arena

Time to Skate

It’s friday night in Paris so it is time for Pari-Roller! Do you have what it takes to skate through the streets of Paris from 10 PM until Dawn? I don’t and never did, but this guy does. You know if he has lighted skates, he has got to be good. See other images from my Europe Gallery by clicking here.

Stop the World!

This is the cover image for my first book, “Stop the World!”. You can buy a print of this image by clicking here. You can buy the book on iTunes for just $3.99 by clicking here. . Or, if you have money to burn you can buy it in hardcover by clicking here. .

Stop the World!

Nice Knocker!

One of the things I enjoy about traveling through Europe is how “old” it is. We have old areas in the USA too but they are all Native American and not reminiscent of the foreign cultures many of us immigrated from. The architectural details you find on old buildings in Europe are sometimes interesting and unusual like this door knocker from a house in Amsterdam. You can see more images of Europe in my portfolio by clicking here.

Nice Knocker

Walk in the Woods

Walking through the Pocono Mountains along rural lanes and paths is always improved with a loyal companion at your side. This is Deuce taking the point on walk through the forest on a beautiful day like today, not too long ago. You can buy a print of this image on my gallery by clicking here.

Deuce on a Country Lane

The Bridge at Dingman’s Ferry

There are a number of ways to find my house in the Pocono Mountains but the most scenic way is to cross the wooden bridge over the Delaware at Dingman’s Ferry. This bridge is relatively unchanged for over 112 years. It is picturesque and the speed limit is 15 MPH (strictly enforced) but worth the trip. Actual people collect the $1 toll. You can see other autumn views by clicking here.

The Bridge at Dingman’s Ferry

John Medeski

John Medeski is best known for playing the keyboards and the Hammond B3 Organ. I was impressed in a recent concert to see how many different wind instruments he played. This one looks like it is made out of PVC. The funny thing is that normally after he plays a lead he kind of just waits until the next break. With this one though, he would kind of hold the instrument out and stare at it with a funny expression that seemed to say, I can’t believe I am playing this. You can see others and buy a print of this one by clicking here.

Billy Martin Playing the Xylophone

Billy Martin comes to concert with a big bag of tricks. In addition, to the drums, he plays a variety of instruments including plastic hangers. Yep, the same hangers you hang clothes on. He also played a bicycle wheel. Here he is playing the Xylophone during a recent concert at the Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. You can see other images and buy a print of this one by clicking here.

Billy Martin on the Xylophone