Seal Island Revisited

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my first year in the blogosphere and this is the final post of celebrating my first week by revisiting my first posts. Tomorrow i will repost my very first blog and then it’s on to new stuff!

There is a scenic drive in California that is not to be missed It is called 17-Mile Drive and is a scenic road through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula. There are many scenic views along the drive like the Lone Cypress and the Famous pebble Beach Golf Course. There is a small island off shore that is called Seal island which was one of the highlights for me because I love seeing wildlife in a natural environment. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Seal Island Monterrey Peninsula

Seal Island


The Last Days of Delicate Arch

Continuing in celebrating my first posts during my one year anniversary of blogging, here is another from my first week in the blogosphere.

If you have never been to Arches National Park, you should think about making the trip. The spectacular views are primarily sandstone and eroding away. The Park Service thought about covering some of the formations with a clear polyethylene chemical but abandoned the idea as environmentally unsafe. Although there are signs everywhere telling people to not climb on the rocks and stay on the paths, there are a lot of idiots that ignore this and are helping the natural process of erosion with the death of a million touches. Park Rangers fear that Delicate Arch may not last too much longer and although there are many other spectacular views in the park, the collapse of Delicate Arch will be a sad event. You can see other scenic images on my commercial site by clicking here.

Arches National Park

The last days of Delicate Arch

Big Sur Revisited

Continuing in revisiting old posts celebrating my first year of blogging with another entry from week number 1.
The world is full of beautiful vistas but it is hard to imagine a place more beautiful than Big Sur. The road twists and turns between Carmel and San Luis Opbispo and each turn reveals a new and stunning vista. It is hard not to stop every mile or so just to take in the view. See other scenic vistas on my commercial site by clicking here.

Central California Coast

Big Sur California

Grateful Dead Revisited

The third in a series revisiting my first posts leading up to my Blogaversery next week.
Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden in September 1993. This photo was taken the last time I saw the Grateful Dead and near the end of their historic run in rock and roll. I still enjoy listening to old Grateful Dead concerts occasionally but have no desire to ever see any of the cover bands. I saw the real thing and I don’t want to spoil that memory. You can buy a print of this one and see others by clicking here

Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden 1993

Gaelyn Ross Revisited

Continuing with this week’s anniversary celebration of my first year of blogging, this was originally published in February 0f 2012.
I had the privilege of being a journalist on the original 1978 “Dawn of the Dead” and have offered some of the behind the scenes images for sale on my commercial site. I don’t have too many of Gaelyn Ross who was the pretty blonde star of the movie. She was hard to get to unless she was in a shot since every male extra and crew member on the set were acting like male dogs. It turns out she became a pretty good documentary filmmaker who made Killing Kasztner in 2008 among others. Here she is being filmed byy Michael Gornick in a scene form Dawn of the Dead 1978.You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Gaelyn Ross

Cruz Bay Revisited

My blog is approaching its first year anniversary. So I am revisiting some posts that I did in the first month when my audience was a lot smaller than it is today. This is a photograph of Cruz Bay in the Unites States Virgin Island on the isle of St. John. This was a sunset taken on slide film and later scanned to digital circa 1994. You may purchase a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Sunset at Cruz Bay

On Location with the Zombies!

In 1978 I had the unique opportunity to cover the making of Dawn of the Dead by Pittsburgh legend George Romero in the Monroeville Mall. I was on location for the now defunct Pittsburgh Magazine. In 2008 I began publishing these photos to my commercial site and was truly amazed at the response from around the world. There are thousands and thousands of fans around the world. I was asked last year to do an interview for the British magazine Undeadzine which was published last September. More recently I did an interview for the worlds only Catalonian Language Zombie site which you can read here.

Zombie Master Tom Zavini

Zombie Master Tom Zavini