Remembering The Grateful Dead–Phil Lesh

Trying to avoid politics at all cost on Father’s Day we watched The Grateful Dead Movie which I haven’t scene for a long time. I was taken by one scene when during a sound check Phil was talking to a cameraman. He became aware that the camera was causing feedback. He looked like a little kid as he made the camera move closer and farther to play with the feedback. They seemed so happy when they played back then.

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Phil Lesh at Madison Square Garden 1993

Grateful Dead Revisited

The third in a series revisiting my first posts leading up to my Blogaversery next week.
Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden in September 1993. This photo was taken the last time I saw the Grateful Dead and near the end of their historic run in rock and roll. I still enjoy listening to old Grateful Dead concerts occasionally but have no desire to ever see any of the cover bands. I saw the real thing and I don’t want to spoil that memory. You can buy a print of this one and see others by clicking here

Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden 1993

Jerry Croons a Ballad

Jerry Garcia is best known for his brilliant guitar work as a solo artist and with the Grateful Dead. Early in his career he didn’t sing a lot of the songs but that changed quickly and he became known as a balladeer with a funny voice like Bob Dylan or Tom Petty. He wasn’t always on key but his voice had a raw emotion that made up for it. Here he is at Madison Square Garden in 1993. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden 1993