Giverny Kiss

What Better place than Monet’s famous water garden to steal a kiss? The mood of the place is romantic to its core. The famous house and wonderful gardens are like stepping in to a Monet Painting. Giverny is located near Vernon, France which is about one and half hours from Paris and worth the trip. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

A Kiss in the Water Garden

Giverny Kiss

Director of Photography (DP)

Michael Gornick was the director of Photography on Dawn of the Dead (1978). He was patient and soft spoken, talents that were needed with a large cast of inexperienced extras. This image was originally published in Pittsburgh Magazine in 1978 and shows Michael Gornick filming David Emge. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Michael Gornick Filming Dawn of the Dead

Worth Street

Worth Street in Palm Beach Florida is a world class shopping mecca like Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Lined with Palm Trees, expensive boutiques,great restaurants and airplanes overhead. This unique view was created in a darkroom, not with photoshop. Buy a print of this image at my commercial site by clicking here.

Worth Street--Palm Beach Florida

Rockette Morton

One reader pointed out to me that I had misspelled the name of Rockette Morton on my T-Shirt, indeed I had, much to my dismay. Just as bad, I had flopped the image and made him left handed! Well everybody needs and editor, so I stuffed my pride and made the corrections. Here is the new T-Shirt which you can buy at my online store by clicking here.

Rockette Morton T-Shirt and Hoodie

The Watering Hole!

If I had only had a ladder with me when I visited the Steelers training camp, I might have been able to get a real interesting shot! This is Steeler superstar Troy Polamalu getting ready to grab a drink on a very hot day at Training Camp. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Troy Polamalu at the Watering Hole