Grateful Dead–Pittsburgh Civic Arena September 23 1973

I saw so many great shows at the Syria Mosque that it is hard to remember I also saw a lot of great shows at The Pittsburgh Civic Arena. Jethro Tull, The Who, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Traffic just to name a few. This was the first time I saw the Grateful Dead.

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The Grateful Dead 1973

Grateful Dead–Civic Arena September 23 1973

On September 23 1973 I saw the Grateful Dead perform for the first time. They played at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. You can hear the concert here if you attended the show or are just interested.

They were for a long time one of my favorite bands and I have seen them play a number of times in a variety of venues. This first show was special though not only because of the band but because of the venue.

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Grateful Dead Pittsburgh Civic Arena

One Year in the Blogosphere

Today I celebrate my first anniversary as a blogger by revisiting my first post from a year ago. Since then I have published 340 posts in twelve categories with 1225 unique tags which have generated 89 comments and over 6000 “likes”. I have picked up 393 followers in 28 different countries not including Facebook friends who check the blog. I published this image first because it was the first image I published for sale on the internet and you can purchase a print as others have on my commercial site by clicking here.

This past year, Don Van Vilet passed on. In 1973 I took this picture from the stage wings right before I was thrown out. It was easier to get on the stage back then but I had no credentials and eventually someone ratted me out. The Band started to play and the Captain was standing next to me waiting for his entrance. I looked at him and he nodded at me and then went on stage and launched in to “Crazy Little Thing”. A magic moment with the magic band.

Zoothorn Rollo with Captain Beefheart an dHis Magic Band

Dino Valenti–Caught in the Act

It was 1973 and I only had one lens for my new Nikon F3 camera. We were sitting in the stands at a rock festival at the University of Pittsburgh stadium when I noticed Dino Valenti from Quicksilver Messenger Service sitting in the stands right behind me. They were scheduled to go on later in the day and were watching and listening to Billy Preston as we were. I turned and snapped this picture which was the first photojournalistic image I ever took. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Dino Valenti of Quicksilver Messenger Service

Caught in The Act

Jethro Tull

Ian Anderson is currently touring again. He is without a doubt the best rock and roll flutist ever and a great songwriter and singer. I am sure his new show is wonderful and worth seeing but don’t think it can match Jethro Tull playing “As Thick as A Brick” in 1973. This shot was taken at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. You can purchase a print of this image at my commercial site by clicking here.

Jethro Tull at Civic Arena 1973