The 57th Carnegie International Exhibition

Unfortunately we did not make it to the museum to see the 57th Carnegie International Exhibit until yesterday. It really needs to be seen more than once.

The use of video and music in this exhibition is truly amazing. There is one 8 minute video in which each scene was painted by hand. And another that has videos of varying lengths for over three hours. Just a few days left so go if you are able it will not be disappointing. It’s at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Oakland.

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Young Art Lover


Last week Dale Schmitt and I opened our photo exhibition, Moments and Souls at the Percolate Gallery in Pittsburgh. I realize that many of you can not make it in to the gallery so over the next few weeks I will be publishing “the moments” that were my contribution to the show.

This one shows two boys inside Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna Austria. One is so angelic and the other well, not so much.

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Castle Street

From the Charles Bridge I looked up at Prague Castle thinking it might be large. I had no idea. We approached the castle and from the outside I just thought it was a huge building. Not until we were inside the fortifications did I begin to comprehend the size.

It is not just a castle. It is a city. There is a cathedral and two other churches. There are gardens and walks, restaurants and cafes and many shops. In ancient times many people lived inside the castle serving the Kings and Holy Roman Emperor. Now it is the seat of government and people work and live there serving the government and millions of visitors.

This is one of the many streets with small shops catering to tourists.

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Castle Street

A Salute to Fathers

I know Father’s Day is a uniquely American holiday probably created by the greeting card companies or Craftsman tools. But fathers are important in the development of societal norms and in fostering the growth of children. We don’t go through the pain and sacrifice that mothers do and for that reason are sometimes overlooked as being important in a child’s development. However children need two parents and I salute all fathers today who have stayed with their family and provided protection,sustenance and leadership for their children and love them in spite of their flaws.

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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Music on The Charles Bridge

We were in Prague for five days and The Charles Bridge was always crowded. I am sure early in the morning it is not as crowded and less crowded on week days but it is the Ponte Vecchio of Praha (Prague). The day we walked across the bridge we saw at least seven different street musicians or bands. This guy was singing the Peter Tosh song Get Up Stand Up which is kind of ironic since he never did stand up.

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Music on The Charles Bridge

Guard at Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest and oldest castle in the world. It is actually not a castle but a complex of buildings including two cathedrals, the most famous being the St. Vitus Cathedral.The castle dates back to the early ninth century and is currently the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. The castle was previously a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia.

Since it is the home of the Prime Minister; there is a strong police presence and the castle is still guarded by ceremonial guards as it has been since the 10th century.

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Guard at Prague Castle

People of Prague #10

Over the years I have developed my technique for photographing people without looking through the viewfinder. In the 1970’s I first became aware of The Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Although it really has nothing to do with the observer effect it does help to mathematically corroborate that principle. Simply stated the act of observing something changes that thing. I knew when I pointed my camera at people their behavior would change.

I thought to not have people react to me I had to photograph them in a stealth mode. First I employed telephoto lenses but since going digital I have began shooing without looking through the viewfinder. Wasting bits and pixels is a lot different than wasting film. I set the camera to a wide angle and select automatic focus and exposure. I get a lot of crap but then I also get shots like this one which make it all worthwhile. Next a mirror-less camera because people do react to the shutter noise if they are close enough.

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People of Prague #10

People of Prague #10