Frankfurters at Pari-Roller

Friday night is Pari-Roller night in Paris. Thousands of skaters gather to skate through the streets of Paris until sunrise. They leave from Gare Montparnasse and at ten P.M. on a new route through Paris each week. In Frankfurt Germany they skate through the city on Tuesday night. That didn’t stop this team of “Frankfurters” from showing up Friday in Paris ready to go. See more Pari-Roller images at my European Gallery by clicking here.

Frankfurters getting ready for Pari-Roller

Almost a Kiss

Here is another one from my “Kiss” series and another candidate for my future book. This was taken outside a Cafe on the Trocadéro Plaza in Paris France. Does it qualify as a Kiss or is just a near miss? You can buy a print of this image and see others at my European Gallery by clicking here.

Almost a Kiss in Paris France

A Pan Asian Great in Orléans France

Our last stop in Europe was Orléans France. We had had a number of great pan asian meals in Paris including awesome Sushi. As we were touring Orléans it was way past lunch time and we were studying our map to try to figure out where all the restaurants were. A beautiful young French woman asked if we were lost and we said,no just hungry. My wife wanted to speak French to her and she wanted to speak english to us. She told us she was headed towards “restaurant row” and she would guide us. After walking with her and chatting for about ten minutes we came out in an area loaded with restaurants. To our surprise we found this wonderful Thai resturant and had a great lunch in Orléans. Visit my Europe gallery to seed more images by clicking here.

Siam in Orleans, France

Park Kiss

What causes a couple to suddenly kiss? The warm sun, a beautiful sunny day, the joy of being alive or is it something sexual. As I work on my new book, I am finding out that people kiss for a variety of reasons and most of them unrelated to their loins. Sure passionate kisses are part of romance but people kiss as a form of greeting or when saying goodbye. People hug and kiss to express joy and to console people in moments of sadness. I think however, that this kiss in a Paris garden was more related to the loins. You can buy a copy of this image and see other kisses by clicking here.

A Park Kiss in the Luxembourg Park

A Park Kiss

Good Night Kiss

Paris is the City of Lights and nighttime seems to be a social lubricant for kissing. As I am working on my book, I also realize that night time kisses in public are harder to capture. You can’t see as far and can’t use your flash so patience is a key. This shot was taken in Paris in 2011 and you can purchase a print by clicking here.

A Paris Night Kiss

Dinner Kiss

There is something about Paris that causes people to kiss. People think of Paris as the most romantic city in the world. Like most big cities it has its share of crime, beggars,street hustlers,sidewalk vendors and shady people. However, when touring Paris with your spouse or significant other you just can’t help but kiss more. Maybe it is in the water or the wine? In any case here is a couple kissing in a cafe before diner is served. You can see more images form my European collection by clicking here.

Dinner Kiss

A Kiss at a Paris Cafe