Lunchtime In Milano

As we strolled the streets of the bustling city of Milan in Italy we noticed many restaurants. I guess in Italy they are all Italian restaurants. Even the Chinese restaurants in Milan were set with white table cloths. This place however was surely upscale and minutes before the noon opening we could see the waiters discussing their strategy as they made sure they were ready.

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Preparing for Lunch

Preparing for Lunch

Kreplach for the High Holy Days

In the Jewish religion, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called the High holy days. They are the celebration of the lunar New Year and the day of Atonement. While I am not a very religious person, I do enjoy the culture and the basis of most cultures start with food. Kreplach are little meat filled dumplings that are great in chicken soup or in a stir fry. They can be made any time but traditionally are made on the HIgh Holy Days. This video features my lovely wife, Hinda and her recipe and technique which she learned from her mother. It is long video and old school but filled with great cooking tips and by the end you will be able to make your own Kreplach and eat them too.


A Pan Asian Great in Orléans France

Our last stop in Europe was Orléans France. We had had a number of great pan asian meals in Paris including awesome Sushi. As we were touring Orléans it was way past lunch time and we were studying our map to try to figure out where all the restaurants were. A beautiful young French woman asked if we were lost and we said,no just hungry. My wife wanted to speak French to her and she wanted to speak english to us. She told us she was headed towards “restaurant row” and she would guide us. After walking with her and chatting for about ten minutes we came out in an area loaded with restaurants. To our surprise we found this wonderful Thai resturant and had a great lunch in Orléans. Visit my Europe gallery to seed more images by clicking here.

Siam in Orleans, France

What’s In a Name?

I always thought that terrine was just another name for pâté. I learned through my travels that they are different, but both are delicious. In French or Belgian cuisine, a pâté is baked in a crust as pie. However, if it is baked in baked in a mold it is know as a terrine. This one was from a Parisian cafe and most excellent. To purchase a a print of this image, click here.

A delicious terrine in a Parisian Cafe