Lunchtime In Milano

As we strolled the streets of the bustling city of Milan in Italy we noticed many restaurants. I guess in Italy they are all Italian restaurants. Even the Chinese restaurants in Milan were set with white table cloths. This place however was surely upscale and minutes before the noon opening we could see the waiters discussing their strategy as they made sure they were ready.

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Preparing for Lunch

Preparing for Lunch

Inside Den Waag

Den Waag is a building that looks like an old castle in the center of Amsterdam. It is a large fifteenth century building with several turrets and was once part of one of Amsterdam’s fortified gates. Later it was turned into a weigh house for weighing products prior to shipment. It fell into disrepair but was restored in the mid twentieth century and is now a very good restaurant and bar. This is a picture of the interior and a print may be purchased at my commercial gallery.

Inside Den Wag

A Street in Orléans

Orléans France is a sister city to New Orleans and while they have much in common they are fundamentally different. They both offer scenic beauty, architecture and are along important rivers. Both cities serve great food to their guests and have wide choices in dinning. New Orleans however is edgy, vibrant and sometimes a little vulgar. Orléans is almost bucolic in nature; they keep their edgy in Paris which is an hour away by train. This is a street in in Orléans adjacent to river Loire. You can buy a print and see others at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

A Street in Orléans France

A Street in Orléans France

Plates at Central Michel Richard

The Revel Beach Resort in Atlantic City New Jersey is a great place to relax, gamble an dine but also a tribute to modern interior and exterior design. Throughout the entire Resort there are eye catching design elements.There are some great resturants there including a branch of Washington’s Central Michel Richard which features this eye catching stack of plates at the entry way. You can purchase a print and see others at my commercial site by clicking here.

Plates at Central Michel Richard

Plates at Central Michel Richard

Den Waag in Amsterdam

One of the most beautiful buildings we saw in Amsterdam was Den Waag (The Weigh House) which dates back to the old fortifications of the city. As we walked towards it we knew nothing about it. We thought it was a castle and maybe we could get a tour. Turns out it is now a cafe and quite a good one. Being hungry, we stopped for lunch and the food was as wonderful as the candlelit interior. See more of my photos of Europe by clicking here.

The cafe at Den Waag in Amsterdam

Shrimp in the Style of the Lawyers

My wife is a French teacher but eighteen years ago when we went to a Parisian restaurant I asked her what “Crevettes à l’avocat” meant on the menu. She had not been teaching French for a while and looked at me and said. “Shrimp in the Style of the Lawyers”. When the shrimp dish arrived with beautiful sliced avocado we both looked at each other and said ohhhh that makes more sense. Last year when we dined in Paris and I ordered we both laughed again. You can see more prints in my European gallery by clicking here.

Shrimp in the Style of the Lawyers