Zappa and Jean Luc

Jean Luc Ponty is a musical genius and has played with both Return to Forever and Frank Zappa. So when Return to Forever and Zappa Plays Zappa were at the Beacon Theater it was natural that Jean Luc came on stage to play a tune before playing the entire set with Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea. You can buy a t-shirt of Jean Luc on my commercial site by clicking here.

Dweezil Zappa and Jean Luc Ponty at the Beacon Theater in 2011

Drummer Joe

Joe Travers is currently the drummer with Zappa Plays Zappa. He has been a drummer for numerous live performances including Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Lisa Loeb and Drake Bell. This image was taken during a concert at the Beacon Theather in New York City in 2011.

Joe Travers with Zappa Plays Zappa

Son of Zappa

Dweezil Zappa playing guitar with Zappa Plays Zappa at the Beacon Theather in 2011. There is something weird and wonderful to see him play his father’s songs and channeling Frank’s guitar style. If you haven’t seen them, get a ticket for the current tour, it will be worth it.

Dweezil Zappa at the Beacon 2011

Behind the Blue Door

This doorway once led to the inner secure part of Bruges Belgium. The town centre was fortified with walls and on the other side of this door was the original home of the Beguines, a religious order dedicated to helping the sick and injured. The Beguines were relocated to a different part of the town in the 1700’s. The area is now used for low cost hosting for the elderly. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Belgium Doorway

A Doorway in Bruges

Blow Dry

After the Zombies were created, zombie master Tom Savini would give the makeup a blow dry so it would set properly. Between scenes the make up crew would roam the group of zombies and check their makeup and retouch it if necessary, You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Toma Savini give a Zombie blow dry

En Bruges

When most people visit Belgium they tend to go to Antwerp and Brussels. Both are wonderful cities in their own right. However, if you have just one place to visit in Belgium it should be Bruges. This medieval city is a gem of medieval culture. During the middle ages Bruges was one of the most important city states in Europe and a shipping center. Now it is a wonderful restored city and frequently called the Venice of the North because of its network of canals.
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Bruges in Flanders Belgium

Zombie Gaffers

You can’t make a movie without gaffers. They set the lights, set up the equipment, load film and do just about anything. This is especially true on a small budget movie like the original Dawn of the Dead (1978). Here is the crew setting up the equipment at the beginning of the shoot at Monroeville Mall. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial site by clicking here.

Gaffers setting up the Camera

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is located north and east from Palm Springs. It is a rustic and beautiful high desert spot with a very diverse horticulture. It is named after the unusual and plentiful Joshua Trees that are all through the park.You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.

Joshua Tree National Park