Reid Anderson–The Bad Plus in Pittsburgh

Getting ready to see Peter Frampton tonight at the Benedum Center. It has got me to thinking about all the great concerts we have seen since returning to Pittsburgh. Last January we saw The Bad Plus at The August Wilson Center and saw a virtuoso bass performance by Reid Anderson.

Reid Anderson is a bassist and composer from Minnesota. He is best known for his work in The Bad Plus with pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer Dave King. The Bad Plus has been together since 1989.

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Reid Anderson

The Bad Plus at August Wilson Center Poll

Last week I published some images of The Bad Plus performing in Pittsburgh at The August Wilson Center.

The images caused some Facebook discussion of if they should be in monochrome or color. I can”t decide so here are some images of Orrin Evans on Piano and Reid Anderson on Bass in color and monochrome. Help me decide by answering this poll.

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Orrin Evans (Color)

Orrin Evans (Monochrome)

Reid Anderson (color)

Reid Anderson (Monochrome)

The Bad Plus at The August Wilson Center

About ten years ago my daughter gave me a CD of The Bad Plus for my birthday. I loved their complex improvisational rhythmic music. Some of the best new jazz I had heard in a while. Over the years there have been a couple of changes in the group. Although the founding member Ethan Iverson has left the group founding member bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King, have added Orrin Evans on piano. The results are still amazing music.

These images are from last night at The August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh.

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The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus

John Scofield at The August Wilson Center

Last evening we returned to the August Wilson Center to attend the closing event of the Highmark Blues and Heritage Festival. Last year we visited the center for the first time to attend the Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival. We vowed to return to see a music performance and as we suspected it is a perfect venue for Jazz.

John Scofield is a master guitarist we had never seen and love his recordings with Miles Davis, Medeski, Martin and Wood and others. He was amazing and just as impressive were the musicians in his band. We had seen drummer Bill Stewart perform before with the Brecker Brothers. Vicente Archer on bass and Gerald Clayton on piano and organ also were both amazing performers. The acoustics are so wonderful we could clearly hear everything without excessive volume. This was the first Blues and Heritage Festival, we will plan to attend again next year.

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John Scofield

Didn’t Make the Cut #3—Moment on a Bass String

Working with a curator means that not all the images submitted will be used. Galleries can only hold so many pieces so some of my images didn’t make the cut for the Moment and Souls Exhibition. This one is entitled Sunday in the Park and was taken in 2009 at Luxembourg Palace in Paris France

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Moment on a Bass String

Yo La Tengo at Carnegie Music Hall

So we were on our way to Boston for Thanksgiving a few years ago and stopped at a rest stop on The Mass Pike. My daughter and wife found me standing in front of the Men’s Room door staring intently at the door. They gave me a strange look and shrugged and I said, “Any second Trey Anastasio is going to walk out that door.” They both laughed but I had seen him go in when I was leaving and almost on cue he walked out the door.

Predictably my wife and daughter both shrieked TREY and he smiled and walked over to talk to us. After a minute he asked an interesting question, “So how did this happen?” wanting to know how our family became Phish Fans. We told him that we had been taking our daughter to Grateful Dead shows since she was 7 years old and now she was taking us to Phish shows. He nodding saying, “That makes sense.”

So why am I telling you this? It wasn’t really accurate. We still bought the tickets and actually it was my Godson who really introduced us to Phish. However when my daughter was in graduate school she surprised us by buying tickets and taking us to our first Yo La Tengo show in Maxwell”s Pub in Hoboken. Last night we saw the band deliver an awesome performance at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh. Of course it made me think of my daughter but also of meeting Trey Anastasio all those years ago and thinking he would also think that this also made sense.

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Candidate #15…Bass Hands

I am going to be posting images that I may have posted before with a candidate # thereby collecting a list of what I feel would be likely candidates to print for a gallery show of new images of only digital photography. This is of Chris Wood while performing with Medeski, Martin and Wood at the Sherman Theather in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. Please feel free to leave comments if you agree or disagree about including them in a “best of” list.

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Bass Hands

Bass Hands

School Days

Stanley Clarke playing at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The guitarist was Ray Gomez and was part of the School Days album tour in 1976. We recently saw him play with Return to Forever and he has not lost a lick. One of the best bass guitarists of all time.

Stanley Clarke at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh

Chris Wood

Chris Wood from Medeski,Martin and Wood is one of the world’s best bass players. During their current “acoustic tour” he played three different basses during the show. When he plays the “stand up”bass the instrument seems to become part of his body. Click here to see other images or by a print of this one.

Bass Hands