BassHand–Chris Wood T-Shirt

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Chris Wood BassHand Tee

Chris Wood BassHand Tee

Chris Wood

Chris Wood from Medeski,Martin and Wood is one of the world’s best bass players. During their current “acoustic tour” he played three different basses during the show. When he plays the “stand up”bass the instrument seems to become part of his body. Click here to see other images or by a print of this one.

Bass Hands

Medeski, Martin and Wood Panorama

I decided to try to make a panorama of something other then a scenic postcard view. I revisited some of the images I had taken of MMW at the Sherman Theather last fall. It seemed like a good choice since even if you use a wide angle lens to photograph a concert it is difficult to get the whole band looking good at one time. I will continue to work on this and manufacture panorama images of things other than vistas. The full size image is 60 inches by 20 inches and you can pirchase a print and see other images at my commercial gallery.

Medeski, Martin and Wood Panoroama

Medeski, Martin and Wood Panoroama

Chris Woods on the Fender

During the Medeski, Martin and Woods Acoustic concert at the Sherman Theater, Chris Woods played three different types of Bass instruments. Here he is playing his well traveled Fender Bass during the concert. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Chris Wood on the Hofner

Chris Wood plays a lot of instruments but outside of Paul McCarthy you don’t see too many professional bass guitar players playing the Hofner bass guitar which has its own unique sound. This photo was taken recently at the Medeski, Martin and Wood concert at the Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. I have seen most of the great bass players in concert (Clarke,Woonton,etc)and Wood is a member of that class. You can purchase a print of this image by clicking here.

Chris Wood on the Hofner

John Medeski

John Medeski is best known for playing the keyboards and the Hammond B3 Organ. I was impressed in a recent concert to see how many different wind instruments he played. This one looks like it is made out of PVC. The funny thing is that normally after he plays a lead he kind of just waits until the next break. With this one though, he would kind of hold the instrument out and stare at it with a funny expression that seemed to say, I can’t believe I am playing this. You can see others and buy a print of this one by clicking here.