Medeski, Martin and Wood Revisited

Every now and then you get lucky with tickets and performers. A hew yers ago we saw Medals, Martin and Wood at the Sherman Theather in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania and we had tickets in the front row, I have published a number of images and have one show piece entitled Bass Hands.

I took a lot of pictures that night and here are a few more from the set.

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Medeski and Wood

John Medeski and Chris Wood from a Medeski,Martin and Wood concert in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania at The Sherman Theatre. See others or buy a print of this one at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Medeski and Wood

Medeski and Wood

Chris Woods on the Fender

During the Medeski, Martin and Woods Acoustic concert at the Sherman Theater, Chris Woods played three different types of Bass instruments. Here he is playing his well traveled Fender Bass during the concert. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.