The Keys Master

George Duke is an amazing piano and keyboard player. He played with Frank Zappa on Chunga’s Revenge, 200 Motels, WakawaJawaka, The Grand Wazoo, Apostrophe, Over-Nite Sensation, One Size Fits All, Bongo Fury and Roxy and Elsewhere. He has also played with other artists like Stanley Clarke and Jean Luc Ponty and has a successful and current career as a solo artist. The original photo for this digital creation was taken during a show with Frank Zappa on the Apostrophe Tour in Pittsburgh. You can buy a print on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

George Duke with Frank Zappa

George Romero

As a journalist on a movie set you have a license to observe and report. What I found interesting was the mood swings that are cause by events. In this image, the Director, George Romero and Director of Photography (DP) Michael Gornick were trying to figure out how to deal with the reflections from the fountain. The two shots were taken seconds apart on the set of Dawn of the Dead at Monroeville Mall in 1978.. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

The Joy and Anguish of Directing George Romero 1978

Day Lilly

We didn’t see this flower last year. The dog we were fostering, Shadow, seemed to think they were special treats just for him. I tried taking pictures of it a couple of years ago before Shadow but could not get the color right. The gardener, my lovely wife, says that this matches the plant color perfectly. I credit Mr Sun who provided a bright overcast afternoon without hard shadows. You can see other images and buy prints of this one at my commercial gallery.

Day Lilly 2013

Day Lilly 2013

A Night at the Ball Park

When I went to see the Pirates play in Pittsburgh, I only had my 50mm- 300mm zoom lens so I was unable to take the “definitive scenic shot” of PNC park. I did get a few shots that provide a little bit of the feel of being in this wonderful baseball park. I grew up with Forbes Field and hated it when the Pirates didn’t have their own field and had to share with the Steelers. This ballpark provides the same kind of feel that Forbes Field except of course with more modern conveniences and better food. See more images and buy prints and apparel at my commercial site.

The Bleachers

The Bleachers

Cut it...Ay Me Matey!

Cut it…Ay Me Matey!

Hoist it!

Hoist it!

Don’t Wanna Discuss it!

I said earlier this week that a Photographer had to give themselves permission to observe people. My wife said this shot was intruding and, yes it is but it honestly captures a moment of human expression. As a photojournalist your image should capture a decisive moment, a human expression or a moment of action. That is the way Henri Cartier Bresson teaches and who can argue with that?
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Don't Wanna Discuss It!

Don’t Wanna Discuss It!

Face of Chicago-2

Earlier this week I published Face of Chicago-1 and felt I had a few other shots to share from my recent visit to the Windy City. I will have to go through the archives because I am sure I have enough from previous trips to create a short photo essay. So here are a few more from the most recent trip, none are for sale but you can see others and buy apparel and prints on my commercial site.

Face of Chicago 3

Face 4

Face of Chicago 2

Only in Da Burgh!

Before the game, I spoke “Pirate” to a barkeep outside the stadium and ordered grog for a mere pittance of what it cost inside the stadium. Of course the barkeep was a Pirate with eye-patch,bandana and parrot on his shoulder. I have of course seen the Presidents run in Washington and the Sausages run in Milwaukee on television but was totally surprised by the Perogies and thought about the days of “Babushka Power” You can see other images and buy prints and apparel at my commercial site.


A Passing Moment

To be a good photographer you must give yourself permission to observe the world around you. In my world this includes people which means you have to give yourself permission to be a little bit of a voyeur. Some can’t do that and limit their work to flowers or vistas and there is nothing wrong with that. Being a photographer is about setting limits. One friend looked at my work for “Just a Kiss” and said that I was shameless and really had big cohones. This made me glow, what a compliment for a street photographer. I like to photograph the little moments of life, a hug, a kiss, a passing moment. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery.

A Passing Moment

A Passing Moment

Not Putin Around

Okay, so when I get up at 5:15 a.m. and run outside to take pictures of the sun rise without any coffee, I am not necessarily thinking too clearly. As I set up to wait for the sunrise I looked behind me and saw Vladimir Putin jogging up the boardwalk. I turned back to the sunrise. What!! I turned back and the guy was still far away. I didn’t notice any secret service or KGB and realized it was not Putin but just a jogger.
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