Missing Frank Zappa-Syria Mosque 1974

I only saw Zappa play once. It was at the Syria Mosque in 1974 with Sal Valquez, Jean Luc Ponty and the Tower of Power Horns. Truly one of the best shows I ever saw. I miss Zappa and still listen to his music and that of his son.

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Zappa Jams Pittsburgh


Remembering Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart

Th first concert I ever photographed was Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. They played at the Syria Mosque on October 15, 1972. Security was a lot loser back then I was able to get back stage and take a series of images from the wings before I got booted.

I miss those days and fondly remember the Captain standing next to me while the band played. He looked over at me and we exchanged nods and then he made his big entrance in that blue cape. It is a fond memory and I still listen to his music. Rock on Captain, we miss you brother.

I have edited this image using a new set of tools and like this version better is has more clarity and contrast.

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Captain Beefheart

Frank Zappa at Syria Mosque

I recently realized that a couple of years ago I offered for sale on my commercial site a t-shirt that said Frank Zappa at the Syria Masque. I sold a number of these T-Shirts and although not my best seller I was pleased that some people liked it. Recently it was pointed out to me that I had misspelled Syria Mosque. Not wanting to remove my previous item from sale, I created a new one with a different image and the correct venue.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.41.01 AM

Jean Luc Ponty Apparel

I was reviewing my statistics on my commercial site yesterday. I have sold more prints than t-shirts but have made more money from apparel than from prints. This T-Shirt of Jon Luc Ponty is my second largest selling T-Shirt after Zappa Hope and you can purchase it here. Saw him play with RTF a couple of years ago and he hasn’t lost a lick.

Jan Luc Ponty Apparel

Jan Luc Ponty Apparel

The Keys Master

George Duke is an amazing piano and keyboard player. He played with Frank Zappa on Chunga’s Revenge, 200 Motels, WakawaJawaka, The Grand Wazoo, Apostrophe, Over-Nite Sensation, One Size Fits All, Bongo Fury and Roxy and Elsewhere. He has also played with other artists like Stanley Clarke and Jean Luc Ponty and has a successful and current career as a solo artist. The original photo for this digital creation was taken during a show with Frank Zappa on the Apostrophe Tour in Pittsburgh. You can buy a print on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

George Duke with Frank Zappa