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Zappa LIves T-Shirt and Hoodie

Zappa LIves T-Shirt and Hoodie


Zappa Remembered

Five hundred years from now when music historians study the music of the twentieth century they will probably compare Zappa to Bach and Mozart of previous centuries. He was a consummate guitarist but more importantly an excellent composer. He composed “songs” but what sets him apart was his ability to compose complex music in the tradition of the old masters. “The Big Swifty” is an example of this which he played at the Syria Masque decades ago. Buy a print or T-Shirt and see other images at my music gallery by clicking here.

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Zappa Jams Pittsburgh

Ray Gomez

Ray Gomez is a superb jazz guitarist that has collaborated on many albums and a solo career. He is best know for his collaborations with Stanley Clarke. This image is from the School Days Tour in 1978 at the Stanley Theather in Pittsburgh PA. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Ray Gomez at the Stanley Theather in Pittsburgh

Ace-Bob Weir

Early on in the Grateful Dead, Bob Weir was known as Ace. His first solo was also entitled Ace. It was also the name of my first dog as an adult, but we didn’t name him after Bob. A great writer and guitarist in his own right, he was a key element of the Grateful Dead’s sound. Here he is the last time I saw him with the Grateful Dead in Madison Square Garden in 1993. You can buy a print of this image on Red Bubble

Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden 1993