One Year in the Blogosphere

Today I celebrate my first anniversary as a blogger by revisiting my first post from a year ago. Since then I have published 340 posts in twelve categories with 1225 unique tags which have generated 89 comments and over 6000 “likes”. I have picked up 393 followers in 28 different countries not including Facebook friends who check the blog. I published this image first because it was the first image I published for sale on the internet and you can purchase a print as others have on my commercial site by clicking here.

This past year, Don Van Vilet passed on. In 1973 I took this picture from the stage wings right before I was thrown out. It was easier to get on the stage back then but I had no credentials and eventually someone ratted me out. The Band started to play and the Captain was standing next to me waiting for his entrance. I looked at him and he nodded at me and then went on stage and launched in to “Crazy Little Thing”. A magic moment with the magic band.

Zoothorn Rollo with Captain Beefheart an dHis Magic Band

Zappa Remembered

Five hundred years from now when music historians study the music of the twentieth century they will probably compare Zappa to Bach and Mozart of previous centuries. He was a consummate guitarist but more importantly an excellent composer. He composed “songs” but what sets him apart was his ability to compose complex music in the tradition of the old masters. “The Big Swifty” is an example of this which he played at the Syria Masque decades ago. Buy a print or T-Shirt and see other images at my music gallery by clicking here.

© Richard Burke 1973-2012

Zappa Jams Pittsburgh

Rockette Morton

One reader pointed out to me that I had misspelled the name of Rockette Morton on my T-Shirt, indeed I had, much to my dismay. Just as bad, I had flopped the image and made him left handed! Well everybody needs and editor, so I stuffed my pride and made the corrections. Here is the new T-Shirt which you can buy at my online store by clicking here.

Rockette Morton T-Shirt and Hoodie

New Frank Zappa T-Shirt and Hoodie

This is my third Frank Zappa T-Shirt. The original image was taken at the Pittsburgh Syria Masque in 1973 during the Apostrophe Tour. Both Frank and the Masque are long gone, but not forgotten. Buy your t-shirt at my commercial site by clicking here.

Frank Zappa at the Syria Masque 1973

Don Van Vilet

Don van Vilet grew up with Frank Zappa in southern California. He was an amazing vocal talent and for decades known best as Captain Beefheart. He was also a consummate painter and artist. This wasn’t something he started later in life, he began painting in high school and exhibiting as early as the 1960’s. This photograph was taken during a concert in Pittsburgh’s Syria Masque in 1973. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

© Richard Burke 1973-2012

Captain Beefheart...Don Van Vilet