Museo Nazionale Della Scienza e Della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci

I am sure many people that visit Milan in Italy are there for the fashion, the churches and the history of an old Italian imperial city. Many people say that Milan is the “New York” of Italy and like New York has some interesting museums. When we first entered the Da Vinci museum I was a little pissed off. It seemed like all the hands on exhibits on the first floor were closed. However, as we moved through the other floors my mood changed from crappy to elated. The exhibits were wonderfully presented and the light and design of the interior was spectacular and even though everything was in Italian, it was easy for a foreigner to comprehend.

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The Da Vinci Museum

The Da Vinci Museum

George Romero

As a journalist on a movie set you have a license to observe and report. What I found interesting was the mood swings that are cause by events. In this image, the Director, George Romero and Director of Photography (DP) Michael Gornick were trying to figure out how to deal with the reflections from the fountain. The two shots were taken seconds apart on the set of Dawn of the Dead at Monroeville Mall in 1978.. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

The Joy and Anguish of Directing George Romero 1978

Zappa Remembered

Five hundred years from now when music historians study the music of the twentieth century they will probably compare Zappa to Bach and Mozart of previous centuries. He was a consummate guitarist but more importantly an excellent composer. He composed “songs” but what sets him apart was his ability to compose complex music in the tradition of the old masters. “The Big Swifty” is an example of this which he played at the Syria Masque decades ago. Buy a print or T-Shirt and see other images at my music gallery by clicking here.

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Zappa Jams Pittsburgh