Manderley Sheep Farm

During our recent visit to New Zealand we had the opportunity to visit a working sheep farm. The Maderley Family Farm is located in Little River near Christchurch New Zealand . It was one of the best tours I have ever experienced.I always wanted to see dogs herd sheep ever since owning Deuce our Border Collie. Ross and Mary Millar run this farm and welcome you into their life.

Except for shearing season they run this farm and about 3500 sheep by themselves with the help of their wonderful dogs. The tour included a complete demonstration of bringing the sheep off of the mountain and then putting them back up there. Using only two dogs, a herder to bring them down and a barker to send them back up. They then demonstrated the shearing process and afterwards invited us in to their home for tea and fantastic sausage rolls and biscuits.

If you have an opportunity to take this tour, do it! You will be happy you did.

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The Chicago Botanic Garden

We recently visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. A fantastic outing and too big for one day. You could spend most of the day looking at the model railroads alone. The trail to see the entire garden is over two miles and it does not include all the side excursions you can take. Next time we visit we will make sure to get to the Japanese Garden.

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Happy Independence Day America

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. Except for the fireworks. I used to love fireworks as a kid. However now I realize how upsetting they are to veterans and also to pets I have revised my opinion. However time for a great barbecue with friends and usually great weather helps us appreciate our freedoms and hopefully we can hold on to these in troubling time.

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Swing Away

I belong to a group of the world’s best street photographers , The B&W Humanist and Street Photography Corner. They have over 17,000 members and publish thousands of images a day from around the world. Twice a month they produce videos of the best images. Once again, I had an image selected for the video which is a much appreciated honor. You can see the video here.

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Swing Away Fenway Park

All Gave Some–Some Gave All

I realize that wars are necessary sometimes. However it now seems that we are engaged in forever wars and the military industrial complex prefers to have conditions of permanent warfare, something I do not support. However the people that do battle for our country deserve nothing less that our full support and respect.

Memorial Day is a day when we pay tribute to all that went to battle on our behalf and did not return. Thanks for your service and to the families that have lost loved ones, thanks for your sacrifice.

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A Symbol of America

Selective Color Project–Montmartre

When I took this picture I noticed to joy on this person’s face. It made me think. A garden is a garden no matter how small. I couldn’t help but wonder if the joy came from the windowbox or from a larger garden in days gone by.

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A Garden is a Garden, No Matter How Small

There’s Pigeons Down in Market Square

Legend has it that Tom Petty wrote the third verse of Mary Jane’s Last Dance while looking down on Market Square from his hotel room.

There’s pigeons down on Market Square
She’s standin’ in her underwear
Lookin’ down from a hotel room
The nightfall will be comin’ soo

Who knows if it is true but Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers did play in Pittsburgh frequently and there are usually pigeons in market square. In any case, it is a fun place to spend some time in.

Chtss Move
Lunch at The Oyster House
Sax Man
Windows on Market Square
The Bird Man of Market Square

Liberty Remembered 6/6/2022

This morning I published the first mage below on a number of Facebook groups that I belong to and it it got me to thinking. The news media today is focused on the attempted overthrow of the United States Government that took place last year. I don’t usually post political ideas on this blog and will not make this a normal practice. However, this is a day that will live in infamy in the same way Pearl Harbor and 9/11 do.

The day before 9/11/2001, New York City looked like this but on that day more than the skyline was changed forever. Last year the US Capitol was attacked for the first time since the war of 1812. This day has to be remembered in the same way as 9/11 is. In some ways it is even a more significant event. The people that attacked the Capitol were Americans. Deluded in their beliefs in the same way the traitors who seceded from the United States were in 1861. We can never forget 1/6/2021 and have to bond together to thwart the mob and stop extremism and every tear remember the insurrection as long as hate and extremism exist in our country .

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Liberty Before The Fall
The People’s House

Previously Unpublished Dawn of The Dead Images #1

A few years ago I began to offer “behind the scene” images from my two day assignment on the site of Dawn of The Dead (1978.) I published 47 of the images in my 2015 book; Zombie Nights on Amazon. I have begun to realize that true fans of this cult film don’t care if the images are sharp, free of artifacts and perfectly exposed. Recently in scanning my archives for another project I found images that I never shared on this blog or in the book. They just didn’t meet my standard of work that was worth selling. So here is the first of the new ones of the crew and George Romero.

You can purchase the book at the Amazon Link above or at the Living Dead Museum in Monroeville

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Setting up The Camera

Run Around The Square

In just one more week our neighborhood will be transformed once again. Each year near the end of August Pittsburgh has one of its best 5k races. There are a number of things that make Run around The Square</em> different. The race goes through the cobblestone streets of Pittsburgh’s Regent Square Neighborhood and then through Frick Park ending in Fern Hollow in the midst of the park.Along the way there are water breaks, cmapagne breaks and live musical performers to entertain the racers.

At the end of the race Regent Square’s famous Hot Dog Shop serves up free hot dogs and beer to the crowd in the park and other local business also offer water, snacks and free merchandise to entrants.

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Run Around The Square
Run Around The Square
Run Around The Square