Manderley Sheep Farm

During our recent visit to New Zealand we had the opportunity to visit a working sheep farm. The Maderley Family Farm is located in Little River near Christchurch New Zealand . It was one of the best tours I have ever experienced.I always wanted to see dogs herd sheep ever since owning Deuce our Border Collie. Ross and Mary Millar run this farm and welcome you into their life.

Except for shearing season they run this farm and about 3500 sheep by themselves with the help of their wonderful dogs. The tour included a complete demonstration of bringing the sheep off of the mountain and then putting them back up there. Using only two dogs, a herder to bring them down and a barker to send them back up. They then demonstrated the shearing process and afterwards invited us in to their home for tea and fantastic sausage rolls and biscuits.

If you have an opportunity to take this tour, do it! You will be happy you did.

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Remembering Deuce

I have published a few times about the smartest dog I have ever owned and that was our Border Collie: Deuce. After Deuce died I printed this quartet of images recorded during the same session. I didn’t like it enough to publish it back then but my wife loved it and took it to her classroom at school.

Long forgotten it reappeared yesterday and it made me sentimental for the ol boy. So here is Deuce when he was young.

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Remembering Deuce

Rodeo Daze

Even though we lived in Texas for three years, I had never been to a Rodeo before. So a couple of years ago when a Rodeo came to the Poconos I went with a couple of friends. I won’t go to another Rodeo ever. I like animals too much and dislike pompous jingoistic assholes. Watch the video and let me know if you agree.