Horses Near Il Duomo

I took this picture in 2011 outside the Cathedral Santa Maria Nascente in Milan Italy. We had just left the Cathedral and this installation was in front of a museum in the square. It was about two million degrees and we hadn’t eaten at all and never did see the musuem. I never did find out anything about these sculptures and not sure if it was a temporary or permanent display.

I never did publish the image. It was taken at noon and I tried to do some masking and editing but could never get the detail I wanted. I decided to use some of the NIK collection tools on the image and finally got it to the point where I can share it. It was a stark contrast to the medieval architecture of Il Duomo.

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Horses in Milan

Horses in Milan

Chicago Mounties?

I never did get an answer as to who are these people? I took this picture years ago near Michigan Ave and the Water Tower. I have never seen them since. I don’t think they are mounted police and there wasn’t anything special going on in the city when we were there for the Print Show at McCormick place. So who are these people and why are they dressed like colonial soldiers? If you want to see other images from my Chicago gallery , click here.

Horses on Michigan

Horses on Michigan

Rodeo Daze

Even though we lived in Texas for three years, I had never been to a Rodeo before. So a couple of years ago when a Rodeo came to the Poconos I went with a couple of friends. I won’t go to another Rodeo ever. I like animals too much and dislike pompous jingoistic assholes. Watch the video and let me know if you agree.

Place de Armes Montréal

Montreal is unmistakably a French City in the Canadian Province of Québec. You may forget that because most people speak English and the city is very cosmopolitan. If you speak English they will speak English and if you speak French they may have some trouble understanding you since their dialect is different than the French that is taught in USA schools. Although we are closer to Québec, we teach French in the way it is spoken in France. This is something I have never completely comprehended. This is the beautiful Place de Armes as taken from the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral (yes there is also a Notre Dame in Montréal). You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

Place De Armes Montreal