My Virtual Vacation Day 14—Chicago

We had hoped in retirement to travel the world. So far we have done a pretty good job with trips to Mexico, Hawaii, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and The Czech Republic. However the pandemic has stopped all of that for a while. So while waiting for Africa, Alaska and Scandinavia, our current travel is going to have to be virtual. Today’s stop is Chicago.

This city is really important to me. Our daughter and her family live there. It is also historically and strategically important to the USA.It is one of the largest lake shipping ports in the world. Thanks to the Saint Lawrence Seaway it is a major point of entry into the United States. It is also the latest rail hub in the United States. Culturally and ethnically Chicago is unique and important to the cultural fabric of our country.

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Horses on Michigan

Jumping Bean

Window Patterns on Chicago River

Name Poll for New Work for Associated Artist of Pittsburgh

For the second year I will try to rejoin the Association I belonged to in the 1970″s and avoid paying back dues. Just a gluten for punishment I guess. My artistic goal is always to capture the decisive moment for each image. This is one of my newly framed images I plan to submit this year. I think the image is a perfect moment of this young lady jumping off the shoulders of her boyfriend in to the waiting arms of friends. Fortunately they didn’t drop her. The image was photographed at Chicago’s Cloudscape Sculpture in Millennial Park commonly known as The Bean,

I am having trouble with picking the perfect name though and once again must ask for your help. Please take a moment to answer my poll.

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