Unpublished Dawn of Dead Image

Every now and then I come across one that I haven’t published in Zombie Nights. I don’t know why I left this one out. It was taken in the early morning. Most of the zombies had been sitting around doing little as shots were set up. I like the expression on the face of the female zombie. Boredom,anger,exhaustion or maybe it was confusion wondering WTF I was doing?

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Bored Zombies

Regent Square Slowly Begins Phase Green

We decided to walk down Braddock Avenue yesterday since we were on a dog vacation. Normally on a beautiful Sunday morning Braddock avenue is packed with people eating outside with their dogs and we avoid potential conflict. Most stores were still closed including the popular Square Cafe. However D’s Six Pack, our famous beer and hot dog establishment had a few tables outside as did El Burro. The Three Rivers Outdoor Company and a couple of other stores were also open for business but foot traffic was very light.

It will take time for people to feel confident and for me I will not be venturing out to any restaurants any time soon yet it felt good to see people enjoying the great weather.

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Regent Square

Regent Square

Regent Square

Regent Square

Jeanie Brown Boshoven on Dawn of The Dead Set

Every now and then I come across one that I haven’t published. I know why I left this one out. It is a little out of focus and the overall contrast is degraded too much to publish. Even so I know fans would like to see it so here it is. Such a captivating woman it is clear why she is a fan favorite.

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Jeanie Brown Boshoven

Thanks to All That Serve

I realize that wars are necessary sometimes. However it now seems that we are engaged in forever wars and the military industrial complex prefers to have conditions of permanent warfare, something I do not support. However the people that do battle for our country deserve nothing less that our full support and respect.Today we are in a different kind of war against a virus and the soliders in this war are no lesser heroes than those who do battle over seas.

Memorial Day is a day when we pay tribute to all that went to battle on our behalf. Thanks for your service and to the families that have lost loved ones, thanks for your sacrifice.

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West Point

Time Warp Volume 2 Now Available

In 1979 I went on one of my last photographic assignments for Pittsburgh Magzine. You can read all about it in Zombie Nights: My Two Nights with the Living Dead.

I have licensed some of the images to be used in the upcoming mini series, Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Times.

Episode Two is now available on Amazon and iTunes and is totally focused on horror and science fiction movies. The first 20 minutes is mostly about George Romero and Dawn of The Dead and features interviews with Ronero, Tom Savini and most of the cast Members. Below is one of my images they use in the movie.

You can see a preview by clicking here.

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George Romero

First Review of Worlds Apart

We received our first reader review for our new novel, Worlds Apart. Yes it is escapist fiction as the reviewer points out but as he says that is something we all need right now. A little escape from reality can do us all good since reality sucks a little right now. Click here to read a sample and order your paperback or kindle copy.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Fantastical Tale Just When We Needed It
Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2020
Verified Purchase
I am a non-fiction guy; I prefer my books to be solidly grounded in reality. But, reality has become overwhelming in these days of pandemic and political hyper-polarization. I needed something to take me away, to transport me to some alternate reality – or realities. “Worlds Apart” by Richard and Hinda Burke has done just that. It’s a sequel to their first book, “DreamMap,” which I also enjoyed. It seems to me, though, that the characters who are carried over are more fully realized here, easier to relate to. The newer characters in the Burkes multi-dimensional universe are equally compelling and fun to get to know. The storylines are artfully interwoven as we “jaunt” from world to world, characters searching for missing friends – or magical artifacts – some shapeshifting as they do. “Worlds Apart,” is exactly what I needed to escape from the worries and pressures of this wearisome world. Well, that and some m&ms.

Photo by Dale Schmitt

Pittsburgh”s Art All Night May 16th

At 4 PM on May 16 the first online Art All Night event will take place. Normally for 24 hours artist and performers display the works in a warehouse in Pittsburgh. It is a large and fun event with food trucks, beer, performance art, music and free for all to enter and attend. This year the event will be virtual but still have on line music, performance art and a gallery of two dimensional art and sculpture. Anyone can submit art and you will professional art displayed side by side with children’s finger paintings.

This year I am submitting Steel City Flyer. This is a photo I took of a jet ski flyer soaring in front of Heinz Field.

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Steel City Flyer

Isis and Trixie in Frick Park

I have met these two before. Usually they are walking together but like the rest of they seemed to be properly socially distant. Both were rescued when the owners realized they were severely allergic to dogs but still wanted pets. The story I was told was that Trixie was rescued from a stripper who used her as part of the act. Normally you can see them being walked along Braddock Avenue near Frick Park adding as special ambiance to our neighborhood.

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Isis and Trixie

Worlds Apart Now Available for Shipment

Set in Pittsburgh in the real world and many alternate realities, World’s Apart begins as Jake and Rose travel to Dublin and Jake agrees to help Stan find his missing niece. Rose travels home to discover that her father needs her help. Apparently Eligio is missing and Nathan fears he has been injured or worse. The search for those missing takes Jake and Rose to many different worlds where they remain separated. As one mystery is solved, another appears. As one evil is destroyed, another emerges. With the help of new and old friends, the two resolve the mysteries only to be led into deeper danger. Encountering magic and shape shifters, they must separately confront and ancient evil while remaining worlds apart.

To read a sample and order your copy click here!

Worlds Apart–A DreamMap Novel

We are pleased to announce the publication of Worlds Apart, the sequel to our first novel DreamMap. It is now available as a trade paperback on Amazon. A Kindle version will be published later this year. To order read a sample and order your copy click here!