Grateful Dead–Civic Arena September 23 1973

On September 23 1973 I saw the Grateful Dead perform for the first time. They played at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. You can hear the concert here if you attended the show or are just interested.

They were for a long time one of my favorite bands and I have seen them play a number of times in a variety of venues. This first show was special though not only because of the band but because of the venue.

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Grateful Dead Pittsburgh Civic Arena

The Grateful Dead 1973

In 1974 I bought my first telephoto lens. It was a Vivitar 135mm lens and actually not very good so later in the year I bought a Nikon 200mm lens. It was good enough however to take this picture of The Grateful Dead at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in 1973. You can see other concert images on my commercial site by clicking here.

Grateful Dead Pittsburgh 1974

Grateful Dead Pittsburgh 1974

Back in the Day

I don’t have many images that have survived from back in the day. This was taken at a Grateful Dead concert in 1973 at the Pittsburgh Civiv Arena. It’s not for sale because the quality isn’t good enough. However I thought that some of you would want to see it anyhow.

Grateful Dead at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in 1973

Ace-Bob Weir

Early on in the Grateful Dead, Bob Weir was known as Ace. His first solo was also entitled Ace. It was also the name of my first dog as an adult, but we didn’t name him after Bob. A great writer and guitarist in his own right, he was a key element of the Grateful Dead’s sound. Here he is the last time I saw him with the Grateful Dead in Madison Square Garden in 1993. You can buy a print of this image on Red Bubble

Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden 1993