The Magic Band

Captain Beefheart’s best known band was called the Magic band. It was filled with great and conventional musicians like the Captain himself and his high school buddy, Frank Zappa. To be fair, Zappa was only a “guest” but Rockette Morton and Zoothorn Rollo were permeant members of this great ensemble. Click here to buy a Rockette Morton T-Shirt.

Captain Beefheart's Magic Band

7 responses to “The Magic Band

      • That’s good … hope you don’t have piles of ones with incorrect spellings. I also meant ask what was the reason for making him left-handed?

        Do you have many photos of Don and the band? Would you be willing to share some with

      • I’ve sen Rockette play many times, the last time was a couple of weeks ago, and he always played right-handed! So that’s weird…

        I was just wondering if you had other shots of the band you might like them put up on, might get some more people to see them. Let me know when the t-shirt is sorted and I’ll put it up on our blog.

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