Candidate #9–Mother and Child

I am going to be posting images that I may have posted before with a candidate # thereby collecting a list of what I feel would be likely candidates to print for a gallery show of Photojournalism. This was taken at a Chicago White Sox Game at US Cellular Field. It was the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend and very hot. This young mother was concerned about her child and kept leaving her seat to take her baby to the shade and let the new father enjoy the game. Please feel free to leave comments if you agree or disagree about including them in a “best of” list.

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Mother and Child

Don’t Wanna Discuss it!

I said earlier this week that a Photographer had to give themselves permission to observe people. My wife said this shot was intruding and, yes it is but it honestly captures a moment of human expression. As a photojournalist your image should capture a decisive moment, a human expression or a moment of action. That is the way Henri Cartier Bresson teaches and who can argue with that?
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Don't Wanna Discuss It!

Don’t Wanna Discuss It!

Face of Chicago-2

Earlier this week I published Face of Chicago-1 and felt I had a few other shots to share from my recent visit to the Windy City. I will have to go through the archives because I am sure I have enough from previous trips to create a short photo essay. So here are a few more from the most recent trip, none are for sale but you can see others and buy apparel and prints on my commercial site.

Face of Chicago 3

Face 4

Face of Chicago 2

The Face of Chicago #1

There is no better place to observe people than at the baseball park. Each park has it’s unique character and feel from the building and from the people who attend. You can tell that U.S. Cellular Field exhibits the soul of Chicago. I have never been to Wrigley so I can’t compare the two ballparks. The people at The Cell remind me of “my people”, the fans I grew up with at Forbes Field as a youth.The drink beer, eat Kielbasa and love their team. These two look to me like pure Chicago. See other images and buy prints at my commercial site.

Pure Chicago

Pure Chicago

Hey Beer Man!

In Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field (The Cell) they sell a lot of encased meats…brats,polish,hot dogs etc. On Independence Day they even offered 99 Cent Hot Dogs. However, nothing compares with the sales of Beer. There were more beer vendors than any other sort of vendor and each had their own unique style and distinctive yell. I am sure this guy is very nice but he looks a little crazed, eh? See other images and buy prints at my commercial gallery.

Beer Here!

Beer Here!

Beer,vendor,Chicago Cellul

The Pitch Count

Well I am back from a nice holiday with family and friends. Along the way, got to see the Chicago White Sox play the Oakland Athletics at Cellular Field. The game was great, the fans were fun and those folks know how to make and grill encased meat. In any case I started to take some blurred motion pictures of the Pitchers and it really helped me to understand why pitchers are on a pitch count. In real time, you say big deal, but when you blur the motion you can see the incredible torque of the throwing motion. Some parts of their body remain perfectly still while the rest of their body is in high motion. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial gallery by clicking here.

The Pitch at U.S. Cellular Field