Only in Da Burgh!

Before the game, I spoke “Pirate” to a barkeep outside the stadium and ordered grog for a mere pittance of what it cost inside the stadium. Of course the barkeep was a Pirate with eye-patch,bandana and parrot on his shoulder. I have of course seen the Presidents run in Washington and the Sausages run in Milwaukee on television but was totally surprised by the Perogies and thought about the days of “Babushka Power” You can see other images and buy prints and apparel at my commercial site.


Hits but No Runs

Last year we saw the Oakland Athletics beat the Chicago Whitesox at U.S. Cellular Field. Of course we were rooting for Chicago with our daughter and boyfriend who are Chicagoans. Last Monday we saw the Athletics beat our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. I am never going to any A’s games again…ever! Of course it was fun just being at PNC Park. Before the game I had my beer served to me by a Pirate wearing an eyepatch and bandanna. Our conversation was entirely in Pirate! Yarrgh!
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Hits But No Runs

Hits But No Runs