Only in Da Burgh!

Before the game, I spoke “Pirate” to a barkeep outside the stadium and ordered grog for a mere pittance of what it cost inside the stadium. Of course the barkeep was a Pirate with eye-patch,bandana and parrot on his shoulder. I have of course seen the Presidents run in Washington and the Sausages run in Milwaukee on television but was totally surprised by the Perogies and thought about the days of “Babushka Power” You can see other images and buy prints and apparel at my commercial site.


Hits but No Runs

Last year we saw the Oakland Athletics beat the Chicago Whitesox at U.S. Cellular Field. Of course we were rooting for Chicago with our daughter and boyfriend who are Chicagoans. Last Monday we saw the Athletics beat our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. I am never going to any A’s games again…ever! Of course it was fun just being at PNC Park. Before the game I had my beer served to me by a Pirate wearing an eyepatch and bandanna. Our conversation was entirely in Pirate! Yarrgh!
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Hits But No Runs

Hits But No Runs

Are You Ready for Baseball?

You know when Spring arrives because everybody is ready for baseball. I can’t wait to see a couple of more games this year. Last year we saw the Yankees and White Sox at home. This year hopefully, the Mets and Pirates at their homes. I took this one at Yankee Stadium last year. Mark Texeria looses his bat and it is caught by Spike Lee in the stands. Only in New York could this happen. You can buy a print of this one and see other pictures by clicking here.

Where is My Damn Bat?

Where is My Damn Bat?

Chicago WhiteSox– Adam Dunn

Taken on July 10th at the Chicago WhiteSox vs The Oakland Athletics at US Cellular Filed In Chicago Illinois. You can buy a print of this image at my commercial site by clicking here.

Adam Dunn Singles

Albert Pujols–The Hitting Machine

Albert Pujols has been called The Machine. He is one of the most powerful hitters in baseball today and maybe all time. Unfortunately, we got to see him prove it at a recent Yankee game. Here he is seeing something he is very familiar with, the intentional walk, You can buy a print of this at my commercial site by clicking here.

The Hitting Machine

#2 Derek Jeter

There is no doubt that the number two will be retired after Derek Jeter hangs it up. He will join, Ruth, DiMaggio,Mantle and Gehrig as one of the greatest Yankees ever. I have been fortunate to see some greats play: Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, Roberto Clemente and now Derek Jeter. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here

Number 2 Derek Jeter


Foul Ball

I remember as a kid watching Roberto Clemente in Pittsburgh. He would exhaust pitchers. It seemed sometimes he would hit twenty foul balls in a row with that perfect graceful swing. Sure a foul ball is a strike but if you hit a lot of them, the pitcher gets tired and eventually gives up something to hit. Maybe you won’t get the hit, maybe it will be the next hitter in the order but if you keep hitting fouls one things is for sure and that is eventually the pitcher will become exhausted. The Yankees are very good at doing this. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial site by clicking here.

Foul Ball