Nautical Sunsets

I am yearning for warmer weather so are most people I know. Here are some nautical sunsets to warm you up.

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Sunset in Quintana Roo

Mexican Sunset

Sunset at the Dock

Yet another sunset

Wish I was There!

I hate the winter. I am not a winter sports enthusiast. Today I will have to put on long underwear just to be able to walk my dog in 4 degree weather. My mustache will ice up. My dog will start to whimper after a while because of the salt on the roads and the cold. I would much rather be in Maui today watching this guy doing his thing, snorkeling, swimming and watching a beautiful sunset while eating fish that was caught the same day. Sigh. If you want to see other images from Hawaii to warm up, click here.

Wind Surfing in Maui

Wind Surfing in Maui