Maui Sunset

Maui is one of the most western parts of the United States and if you are in West Maui, every night you will see a light show. It is rare not to see a spectacular sunset in Maui unless you are asleep or something. This was taken from the Hula Grille on Ka’anapali Beach between the appetizer and main course. You can buy a print of this one or see other images on my Hawaii Gallery by clicking here.

Another Maui Sunset

Another Maui Sunset

Iao’s Needle

Maui is a magic place. We have been there four times and will go back. On our first trip we discovered there was a lot more to the island than snorkeling and the wonderful beaches. Our first time there we discovered Iao Valley Sate Park. We tend to stop there each trip. There are miles of walkways, numerous waterfalls and the jungle covered mountain called Iao’s Needle. Purchase a print of the stream at Iao’s Valley by clicking here.

Iao's Needle Maui Hawaii