Sunrise at Elm Beach

Earlier this week I posted “Dock on Elm Beach” which received some nice attention. This is another image from the same session taken during a morning sunrise which I hope you enjoy.

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Elm Beach at Sunrise

Elm Beach at Sunrise

Dock on Elm Beach

I think September and October are two of the best months for living in the Pocono Mountains. The weather is near perfect, the summer crazies have gone home and it’s too early for most hunters and skiers. The pace settles down, the air is crisp and mild and the colors are beautiful. This is a small lake about two miles from my house in Hemlock Farms. You can purchase a print of this and see other images and apparel at my commercial site.

Dock at Elm Beach

Dock at Elm Beach

Cruz Bay Revisited

My blog is approaching its first year anniversary. So I am revisiting some posts that I did in the first month when my audience was a lot smaller than it is today. This is a photograph of Cruz Bay in the Unites States Virgin Island on the isle of St. John. This was a sunset taken on slide film and later scanned to digital circa 1994. You may purchase a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Sunset at Cruz Bay

The Bridge at Dingman’s Ferry

There are a number of ways to find my house in the Pocono Mountains but the most scenic way is to cross the wooden bridge over the Delaware at Dingman’s Ferry. This bridge is relatively unchanged for over 112 years. It is picturesque and the speed limit is 15 MPH (strictly enforced) but worth the trip. Actual people collect the $1 toll. You can see other autumn views by clicking here.

The Bridge at Dingman’s Ferry

Pennsylvania Wetlands

Wetlands is the new politically correct word for a swamp. Just sounds better doesn’t it? Wetlands in Pennsylvania are homes to bears, snakes and migratory birds and a valuable water source. In the autumn they take on a wonderful color like this spot in the Pocono Mountains. You can purchase a print of this image and see others on my commercial site by clicking here.

Pennsylvania Wetlands

Trocadéro Plaza in Paris France

Millions of people visit the Eiffel Tower each year and going to the top is a rite of passage and offers one of the most famous view of Paris France. However, if you want to SEE the Eiffel Tower don’t cross the river. It is so large that the best place to view the tower is across the river on the famous Trocadéro Plaza. It is also a great spot to watch the sunset with the tower in front of the sun. Thousands come to the plaza each night just to see the sunset. If you get there early enough you can enjoy dinner from one of the many great cafes that offer views of the tower. You can buy a print of this image at my gallery by clicking here.

Trocadéro Plaza Paris France