All Gave Some…Some Gave All

I realize that wars are necessary sometimes. However it now seems that we are engaged in forever wars and the military industrial complex prefers to have conditions of permanent warfare, something I do not support. However the people that do battle for our country deserve nothing less that our full support and respect.

Memorial Day is a day when we pay tribute to all that went to battle on our behalf. Thanks for your service and to the families that have lost loved ones, thanks for your sacrifice.

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West Point

Thinking About Mexico

While most people are thinking about Christmas and New Year’s I’m not. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Being Jewish, Christmas is not such a big thing for me and going out on New Year’s is nuts in my opinion. My father used to call it “amateur night” and it was the one night a year he didn’t drink much.

Since retirement, this is the time of year we usually escape the cold. This year we are planning three weeks in Mexico. This is me in January and I can’t wait.

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At The Beach