Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

As we prepare to go visit family I wanted to take a moment to thank my on-line family for your support during the year. I expanded my reach to over 80 countries and had the best year for visitors with over 9,000 visitors and close to 20,000 views.

Next year we will take ourselves and our lenses to four different countries and revisit some of our favorite domestic locations so please stay tuned.

I wish you all a happy end to 2018 and even a better year in 2019 and a joyous holiday season.

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Feliz Navidad

A Special Christmas Bloom and Pittsburgh Glass Brick Window

A lot of people in Pittsburgh buy poinsettia plants for Christmas. They are beautiful although poisonous and people tend to throw them away after Christmas. Another choice is a Christmas Cactus which is called that even though it is not actually a cactus.

They grow well as house plants in our area and if treated properly will bloom year after year. This one is in our bathroom in front of typical Pittsburgh glass brick.

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Pittsburgh Glass Brick

A Perfect Jewish Christmas

In 2012 we spent Christmas at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City. The resort was new and only lasted for a few years. It was a great place though while it lasted and this is a repeat of my post from 2012. Oh, and we didn’t win.

It can be tough being a Jew around Christmas time unless you have a Christmas Family. I was fortunate growing up and we always had a family that we hung out with at Christmas. We would get a couple of gifts, and give some, share in the meal and have a some time around a brightly lit Christmas tree. However, it is well known that if you don’t have a Christmas family then you can do two things on Christmas if you are Jewish.

1) Attend the massive Jewish meeting to discuss how we will control the media for yet another year.
2) Go to a movie and eat Chinese food.

It used to be when I was a kid everything was closed on Christmas, even gas stations. Not any more. We decided this year to up the ante and instill a new tradition by going gambling and eating in a signature restaurant so we are off to Atlantic City to revel in the new Revel Resort. So I won’t be posting for a while and if I win BIG, maybe a long while. Whatever you do, have a great Christmas. That’s right I am Jewish but can still wish everybody a Merry Christmas.

Bask Spa at the Revel Resort

Bask Spa at the Revel Resort

How to Identify Winter in Pittsburgh

In recent years it’s hard to know when it is actually winter in Pittsburgh. We have had 60 degree days in January and 20 degree days in November. Fortunately we have a fool proof system. If Dino has his scarf on, it’s cold enough to be winter!

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Pittsburgh Winter

Thinking About Mexico

While most people are thinking about Christmas and New Year’s I’m not. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Being Jewish, Christmas is not such a big thing for me and going out on New Year’s is nuts in my opinion. My father used to call it “amateur night” and it was the one night a year he didn’t drink much.

Since retirement, this is the time of year we usually escape the cold. This year we are planning three weeks in Mexico. This is me in January and I can’t wait.

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At The Beach


Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight begins the “Festival of the Lights”. Christians mistakenly refer to it as the Jewish Christmas but it is actually not an extremely important holiday in Judaism. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the re dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt and the capture of Jerusalem by the Hebrews.

Here is wishing all have a wonderful Holiday Season regardless of faith!

Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam Holland

Global Warming Cactus

We have had this Cactus for at least ten years. It use to bloom every December like clockwork. You know when it use to snow in December. Last few years it began to bloom around Thanksgiving. This year is the first year in bloomed in October. I figure if global warming continues it will soon be a Memorial Day Cactus.

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Global Warming Cactus