My Stupid Soup Rule

So for a long time I have held the position that soups and stews were only for the cold weather moments. I never had soup in the summer. The last time we were in Paris was the summer of 2009 and of course my wife, being smarter than me ordered the onion soup. All onion soup in France is French Onion Soup. I had a lovely shrimp and avocado dish but when I saw her Onion Soup I knew I had made a mistake.

Next time in France I will order the Onion Soup even if I am wearing shorts!

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Real Onion Soup

One response to “My Stupid Soup Rule

  1. That looks absolutely tasty!… my mother made me one like this, though she’s not French – and I was only ten years old. Ten year olds more than likely don’t appreciate so many onions, melted cheese, and soggy bread, but she made me sit there till I finished it… took two hours! Now onions are my favourite vegetable, I love any cheese you’d throw at me, and a good sourdough… mmmmhhhhh!

    I’d die for the soup you wife had… how times change!

    There’s also something refreshing about it’s take it or leave it presentation – to me it looks even more appetising as it is without a garnish of parsley, a sprinkling of crushed black pepper, and all sat neatly in its bowl

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