My Stupid Soup Rule

So for a long time I have held the position that soups and stews were only for the cold weather moments. I never had soup in the summer. The last time we were in Paris was the summer of 2009 and of course my wife, being smarter than me ordered the onion soup. All onion soup in France is French Onion Soup. I had a lovely shrimp and avocado dish but when I saw her Onion Soup I knew I had made a mistake.

Next time in France I will order the Onion Soup even if I am wearing shorts!

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Real Onion Soup

Time for Soup

My wife and I make pretty good onion soup. We learned because we discovered when ordering it a restaurant was risky. Sure if ordering it in a New York City French restaurant it would probably be fine. However, a lot chefs don’t seem to have a clue. You don’t use cheddar cheese or american cheese on onion soup, you just don’t. It is not a vegetarian dish, it is made with beef broth, it just is! One thing is for sure, if you order it anywhere in France, it will be made right and look like this. You can buy a print of this at my commercial site by clicking here.

Onion Soup in Paris France