Zombie French Edition Boxed Set

I recently licensed 10 of my images to be included with the new French edition of Dawn of The Dead. It was known in Europe as Zombie. The people who put together the box set included the images as separate prints that are suitable for framing or in a scrapbook. I thought this was every clever. All the images and over 40 more are included in my book, Zombie Nights: My two Nights with The Living Dead.

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Zombie Week Day 7—George Romero

I’ll end Zombie week as I started with an image of the master, George Romero. This was one of the two images used by Pittsburgh Magazine. . The 40th Anniversary celebration of Dawn of The Dead ends today at Monroeville Mall. I hope everyone had a glorious time.

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George Romero on the Set of Dawn of the Dead

Zombie Week Day 6—Tom Savini and Marty Schiff

This is one of my favorites from the two nights of shooting. A lot of the crew doubled as extras in the movie. Both of these guys had many roles and have continued working in the film industry to the present day. They are seen here dressed as bikers. The bikers had an important role in the plot development of the film.

I had to make a decision with this image. I decided to accentuate the reflections in the background which gives it a creepier feeling.

You can purchase prints and cards of these image and others like it at Red Bubble.

Savini and Schiff