Pat at the Train Station

When I first started to shoot portfolios for fashion models it mostly was done in the studio. Early on though, I was fortunate to meet a real pro and she wanted to go on location. It was an education. I have published another image for this shoot as All Aboard. I picked her up and she loaded clothes in the back of my car and told me to drive to this old deserted train station in Greensburg. She understood the “derelict” look decades ahead of Zoolander This is another image from that day long ago.

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Pat at The Train Station

Pat at The Train Station

Waiting on a Train

If you have been following this blog, you may remember this model form a previous post entitled “All Aboard”. Here she is in another shot from the session in a 1970’s style coat. You can see more model photography and buy a print on my commercial site by clicking here.

Waiting on a Train

All Aboard!

In 1977 we were doing a fashion shoot at an abandoned train station in Greensburg Pennsylvania. We liked the derelict appearance of the place which provided a great contrast to the model and the fashions. After an hour or so of shooting, to our surprise a train pulled in and these two conductors got off and looked at their watches. I think we surprised them as well as we quickly ran over to the train and took a couple of quick pictures. You can buy a print of this image on my commercial gallery by clicking here.

All Aboard