Movies in Montclair New Jersey

We were fortunate to live in Montclair New Jersey for 15 years in a wonderful old victorian house. Montclair is just a short commute to New York City and has been used as a location for a lot of movies including “Analyze This” and “Seven.” One time when I was in Boston I called home and my daughter was very excited because Jennifer Anniston’s Trailer was parked in front of our house because they were shooting a scene in a local restaurant called The Cozy Inn. I was pissed being in Boston and having Jennifer Anniston parked at my house. One day when I was working at home a crew showed up to shoot a commercial right in front of our house. They went door to door to let us know they had permits from the city and permission to block off traffic on our street. They also gave us permission to enjoy the catering truck…so lunch was on them. You can see other images from movie locations at my commercial site.

Movie Time in Montclair NJ

Movie Time in Montclair NJ

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