On Hiatus

I started this blog on 02/06/2012 with a post on Captain Beefheart. Since then I have added 500 followers not including those that follow on Red Bubble Twitter,Digg,Facebook,Pinterest etc. I have published 575 posts and over 200 hundred articles for EHOW. Counting EHOW and Red Bubble views my works have been viewed by over 2 million times in 35 countries.

All that said, I am most proud of the 500 followers of this blog. I only know a few of you personally and also am connected to those people through Facebook,telephone and face to face visits. However the rest of you check in regularly, like and comment on my posts and share with me your own unique view of the world. Thanks for reading, thanks for posting and have a wonderful holiday season!

As for us, next week in Cancun, home a week and than off to Florida for two months. It’s time to get out from being in front of the computer and back behind the lens for a while. So although posts will be erratic over the next couple of months they will all include new images from a variety of location so please stay tuned. This is a SUNRISE, not a SUNSET.

Morning Flight

Morning Flight


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